Deep de-stress and Relax the Mind hypnotherapy group for reduction of anxiety, stress, worry and over thinking and to enjoy complete relaxation.

This course aims to help you to develop attitudes of mind that will help to protect you from stress in all areas of your life. Whether it’s work stress or anxiety from another part of your life causing problems, hypnotherapy can completely relax you at a very deep, unconscious level and re-programme your mind to cope better.

We will focus on a different theme each week. The course aims to:
• improve sleep patterns
• reduce anxiety and stress
• teach you how to naturally release serotonin into your body making you feel better
• break the pattern of over thinking
• develop a more positive and relaxed attitude
• Relax very deeply and completely unwind and de-stress
• learn simple self hypnosis techniques to use in your daily life
• improve confidence and self care
• understand how stress builds up and how to avoid it
Jo Hooson is a qualified in Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy and registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register and the Complementary Healthcare Council.

Contact details
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This is a 7 week course with a cost of £50 for the entire course. Drop in sessions will be available but please call Jo first to check there is space.
Drop in session £8