QiYoChi – designed to promote Health, Physical, Mental and Emotional Well being for all ages.

QiYoChi classes are based on the Principles of Tai Chi, Yoga and QiGong – hence the name – and also comprise a wealth of Chris’ teaching and health & wellness practises over the years. They involve standing work, movement and strengthening and stretching (no equipment or mats needed).

Feedback is often received along the lines of how much the work has a profound effect on student”s health and emotional well-being day to day, and especially it seems to be helping to change middle aged and older age folk’s attitude to realise that increasing and enhancing health is totally achievable!

A little about Chris….
• A qualified and experienced PE and Maths teacher;
• A qualified Shiatsu Practitioner and teacher who had a thriving Shiatsu school in Slovenia for over 20 years;
• A qualified QiGong, yoga and tai chi practitioner and has been practising and teaching Yoga, Tai-chi, Qigong and Meditation for
• over 40 years;
• An NLP Practitioner for 12 years;
• He co-created and facilitated 2 TV programmes exploring these concepts, both of which won critical acclaim. One was called Extreme Celebrity Detox – he was the climbing/tai chi man who worked with Jack Osbourne, Billy Goolden etc.

“Despite a lifetime of sports, and fitness classes, I have found the Zen course both interesting and challenging. I think it has helped improve posture and balance which offset the affects of old injuries and wear and tear. Who knows? Controlling movement and the shift of body weight may one day help my golf handicap! ”

Being 68 years old himself, Chris has a 50-year background of health and related stories and is a living example of the health benefits of what he teaches!

Class times 9.15 to 10.15

£7.00 per class (advance booking) £8.00 Drop in
for more information please contact Chris on 07977 238288 or chris.milford48@gmail.com or search via facebook for ‘The Zen of Sport,