DragonBird are back performing live and we’re going on a new adventure! DragonBird Song is a 50-minute live session that explores exciting and tactile worlds through immersive theatrical play and song for children aged 0-5. 

Our heartbeats sync up when we sing together and singing makes us feel more relaxed, more together and happier. DragonBird Song will use the interactive and immersive TheatrePlay that we have been bringing to children for over ten years, with an added sense of belonging and exploration in a guided singing and play session for adults and their little ones. Through harmonies, singing in the round and other musical tricks, we’ll explore the world around us, oceans, jungles and far-away planets!

You don’t need to be a singer to join us, just bring your imagination!

Here on

Thursday 19th May with DragonBird Song

Thursday 16th June

Thursday 7th July

For more details and to book visit https://www.dragonbirdtheatre.co.uk/