The New Oriel Hall Social Affairs Discussion Group

filmclublogoThe club has been formed with Social Affairs at its heart, there will be occasional screening of films that would not normally be seen locally. The aim of the club is to get the audience talking, discussing and arguing with a range of subjects covering Green issues, Politics, International issues, Cultural issues. Recent discussions and screening have included Harold and Maude, Sicko, The Power of the Community; How Cuba Survived Peak Oil and Leave no Trace.

See full list of films via Eventbrite, where you can also register for each Discussion Group. Or see the Eventbrite calendar below.

Note the Social Affairs Discussion Group club is for members only, so sign up as a member below, and pay your £2 membership fee at your first visit. There is not a charge for each Discussion Group but we will be passing the hat around at each film showing to cover costs. New Oriel Hall is letting us have the room for free but it is felt that some of the money raised should go back into the Hall coffers to help with its running costs.

The room with projector can seat a max. of 25, so it will be important to book you seat, which you can do here – it is important to unbook if you subsequently can’t come, even though it is free, to allow someone else to have the seat.

Discussion and Films topics

Leave No Trace • Fri, 25th October 19:30
Le Harve • Fri, 8th November 19:30
Boy • Fri, 22th November 19:30
City of God • Fri, 13th December 19:30
Best in Show • Fri, 17th January 19:30
Missing (1982) • Fri, 14th February 19:30
Persepolis • Fri, 28th February 19:30
Tehran Taxi • Fri, 13th March 19:30
The Life of Brian • Fri, 27th March 19:30
Sorry I missed you • Fri, 27th March 19:30

To book,  click on the film title above.

Due to covid restrictions we have been unable to run our group but we hope to return in September 2021.

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